The Most Iconic Dogs In Famous Paintings

Dogs are the most lovely, adorable and hilarious pets, and because of this, many of us want to get our furry friends a pet portrait canvas that depicts their best side.

You’re far from alone in this. In fact, some of the greatest artists who have ever lived have taken deep inspiration from man’s best friend, and they have led to some of the most iconic works of art ever made.

Here are some of the most iconic works of art featuring dogs.


The Works Of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Collectively known as Dogs Playing Poker, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge loved to place dogs in very human situations and from 1894’s Poker Game up until 1910’s Looks Like Four Of A Kind, Mr Coolidge produced 18 paintings of dogs.

Whilst the dogs playing poker seen in A Friend In Need is possibly the most famous and most reproduced of the pictures, his pictures also showed dogs testifying in court, ballroom dancing, struggling with car problems and reading the news.


Cave Canem

Many dog owners have a sign on their gate or door with three or four simple words embossed on them: “Beware of [the] Dog.”

It is meant to warn cold callers, salesmen and burglars that a loyal watchdog is there to protect their master. In some cases, people who do not own dogs place this sign on the door to stop burglars.

However, these signs go as far back as Ancient Rome, with the mosaic Cave Canem being the earliest and most famous example, keeping faithful watch over 2,200 years.


Dog By Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a big pet owner, but if there was one pet he adored over all others, it was Lump his dachshund that was given to him by photographer David Douglas Duncan and that Pablo utterly pampered.

This led to several paintings and drawings featuring him, however the most famous was his most simple sketch, simply entitled Dog.