Step One: Upload

Snap a photo of your pet and upload it at checkout. Make sure you capture their full face and body. 

Step Two: Customize

Select your frame colour, frame size, and background colour. Let us know your pet's name so we can personalize the portrait.

Step Three: Sit Back & Relax While we Design your Portrait

Our in-house designers will now work to illustrate your photo into a timeless piece of art for your friends, loved ones or even your own home. 


Our designers are highly skilled at turning almost any photo into a beautiful portrait. Follow these tips to ensure your portrait looks as good as possible.
  1. Take the photo from front on, and make sure you include your pets face and body in full view.
  2. Take your photo outside or ensure there is enough light for our designers to be able to see every feature of your pet.
  3. Remove any clothing or leads you don't want included. Your portrait will include any items showing in the photo.
  4. Your portrait will be made vertical. For best results take a photo of your pet sitting or standing. Avoid photos of your pet lying down.
  5. Crouch down low to get the best camera angle and take a close up shot!
If you have any further questions about the process, please email us at